Why Anti-Anxiety Jewellery can be a secret that works for you

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Modern life is stressful, there is no doubt about it. Whether it is tricky relationships, medical conditions, mental health issues, a difficult career or a horrible daily commute, we are often stressed as soon as we wake up in the morning.

But what if you had a little Worry Stone pendant that you could wear and stroke quietly to ease your mind a bit? 

Worry Stone Pendant by Wyckoff Smith Jewellery at www.wyckoffsmith.com

Based on a worry stone I found on a beach, this lovely pendant is available in Sterling Silver or 9 ct yellow gold. No one will have any idea that rubbing this pretty pendant is calming your soul.

Long Drop Pendant - Anti Anxiety Jewellery by Wyckoff Smith Jewellery www.wyckoffsmith.com

Many people have also enjoyed the Long Drop Pendant which looks great hanging down a longer than a standard pendant. I've made a 20" and 22" adjustable chain so you can change the length to suit your outfit. This pendant also has a very pleasing shape and is lovely to stroke.

 Convex Ovum Hammered Pendant by Wyckoff Smith Jewellery - Anti Anxiety Jewellery

One of the things I try to achieve with my jewellery is creating a calming tactile experience. Almost an inverted spoon shape, the Ovum Hammered Pendant is lovely to rub between your fingers when you are in a stressful situation. 

Double Dangle Silver Earrings by Wyckoff Smith Jewellery - Anti Anxiety Jewellery

Pendants are not the only thing that people like to use as Anti Anxiety Jewellery. My Double Spinner Dangle Earrings have been mentioned as a perfect piece for people to fiddle to calm themselves. Your forefinger and thumb fit perfectly in the two domed ovals. 

 Luxury Silver Fiddle Toy by Wyckoff Smith Jewellery - Anti Anxiety Fiddle toy for ADHD Adults and Executive Toy

Finally, sometimes you just need a proper fidget to help your focus. Studies have shown those with ADHD benefit from use of fiddle toys by providing visual and tactile stiumulation. But what if you are an adult who doesn't want a plastic child's toy to play with? Why not have a sophisticated silver fiddle toy that would look at home on any executive's desk.

While I think talking about anxiety, mental health, stressful situations and the daily grind is very important to discuss, I also know from personal experience that there are stressful moments when we need to come into ourselves and cope with the experience in a very immediate way. I hope some of these items could help others. Please let me know if it does.

Here are some charities that could help you with more information:

Anxiety UK

Mind UK

No Panic

The Benefit of Fiddle Toys for Children and Adults

 BBC: Fidget on Four: why we fidget

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