Create a Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe

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Create a Jewellery Capsule Wardrobe

In the age of the slow fashion movement, creating a jewellery capsule wardrobe helps to keep our consumer footprint to a minimum. Even with less, you can still put together an effortlessly chic everyday style which can go from office fashion to weekend living. The key is to make your pieces do more for you with modular jewellery. A necklace can convert to two lengths by adding a bracelet, rings can be worn on their own or stacked up, earrings can have a splash of colour with gemstone pippins or be removed to wear a second way.

Donna Karan's concept of "Seven Easy Pieces", the basis for her brand launch in 1985, has had a great influence on my design. As a bright-eyed young woman fresh from university trying to make my way in Corporate America, the concept of a capsule wardrobe really made sense to me. The idea was so revolutionary and a godsend to any woman looking to streamline her life and is equally relevant today when we hope to leave less of an imprint on the world.

I have applied this concept to my own jewellery designs. What I have come to realise as I struggle to pick my top seven jewellery designs is that my seven favourite pieces and your seven pieces may be very different, but the main concept is the same. I've outlined some considerations so you can pick the number of items that feel right to you and then mix and match them like a capsule wardrobe to enhance your outfits (and in some cases, your well being).

Here are my top selling designs that will take you from jeans and a tee shirt on the weekend all the way to a little black dress at a drinks party.

Choose a statement chain:

A bold, interesting hand made chain in silver or gold completes any minimally chic outfit. Making them even more versatile, most of my chains can be worn at different lengths to compliment the neckline of your shirt or dress. My most popular modular necklace is the bold, chunky Olga Chain with its matching bracelet. The two together, as well as a Henry Moore inspired bangle create a multitude of variations. 

Handmade organic oval Olga chain with easy clasp available on

Olga Chain

A lighter, but equally modern necklace is the Tori Chain and bracelet. A lighter version of the Olga Chain, Tori is a timeless design. It goes from office fashion to weekend casual without a second thought.

Handmade Tori chain with oval and circle design by

Tori Chain

If chain necklaces aren't for you, perhaps a simple Worry Stone Pendant is the answer. Available in 16", 18" and 20" chains or the very clever adjustable length chain, your thumb will find its way to the soft dip in the silver stone, providing peace of mind and comfort during anxious times. The simple design has a secret, but no one needs to know.

 Silver worry stone on choice of chains available on

Worry Stone Pendant


Choose a ring:

My silver and gold jewellery are designed to act as transitional pieces, so the owner can wear both their favourite silver / white gold pieces along with their yellow gold items. There are no longer the rules that you must segregate your silver and gold jewellery. Wear them together!

I suggest a great way to wear rings is in a combination of stacking rings for more design impact. The combined silver and gold Sargasso rings evokes Danish Modern Design and is comfortable to wear with its soothing organic shapes. A similar impact can be achieved with an alternating matte and polished ring.

Silver and gold stacking Sargasso rings on

Silver and gold Sargasso rings

This ring can also be coupled with Petra, another organic shaped ring that nestles into the dips of the Sargasso Ring. I recently had a bride choose these two rings as an alternative wedding ring combination.

Gold organic shaped Petra Ring is designed and made by Michele Wyckoff Smith on 

Gold Petra Ring

But it would be an oversight if I didn't include my very popular Curved Zen rings. Cast in silver via a lost wax method, these bold sculptural rings are great on their own or stacked as two or three. Varying the texture from polished to matte provides more of a visual impact.

 Best selling silver Curved Zen ring is great on its own or stacked in two or three. Designed by Michele Wyckoff Smith and available on

Curved Zen Rings

Think about colour:

Do you have a colour palatte that speaks to you? A combination of tones that look best when worn against your skin? Most likely there are beautiful gemstones to match this palatte. 

 Assorted gemstone stacking rings available on

Stacking Gemstone rings

A good way to add colour to your capsule wardrobe is through stacking rings or gemstone. The ring choice can change daily based on what you wear or how you are feeling. In addition, the combination of a gold bezel setting and a silver band means these stacking gemstone rings are a great transitional pieces, allowing you to wear your favourite silver and gold pieces together. Maybe go for a big, bold statement with one of my Platform Rings.


Aquamarine silver and gold platform ring my Michele Wyckoff Smith.

Aquamarine silver and gold Platform Ring

Adding colourful earrings always brightens a simple chic outfit. They can be worn for a smart office look to a feminine weekend style or a stunning dressy outfit in the evening. These removable dangle gemstone pippin earrings can be worn two ways - with or without the dangling gemstone. Additional textured dangles can be purchase to increase your wardrobe options.

Amazonite removable gemstone pippin earrings by Michele Wyckoff Smith on

Removable Dangle Gemstone Pippin Earrings

Or just keep it really simple:

I've met many people who have immediately exclaimed, "I don't wear jewellery". My thought is often, you haven't found the right pieces for you. Some jewellery can be overly fussy, uncomfortable and get in your way. These are all points I keep in mind when creating my bold and simple contemporary silver and gold jewellery designs. To this end, my most popular simple jewellery designs are my hammered hoop earrings and my Henry Moore Inspired organic shaped silver bangles. 

Organic shape silver bangle inspired by Henry Moore's sculptures by Michele Wyckoff Smith

Henry Moore Inspired Bangle

Inspired by the abstract ovals in Henry Moore's sculptures, these bangles are an ergonomic solution for bangles. They are satisfyingly comfortable, easy to wear singly or stacked up in different shapes, and they don't get in the way of exercise or working on the computer.

 Gold hammered hoops by Michele Wyckoff Smith on

 Gold Hammered Hoop Earrings

But, if you just want the most minimal piece of jewellery there is, my hammered hoop earrings in either silver or gold are the thing for you. They are perfect for every lifestyle - from athlete to aesthete. I designed these to put in and leave it. You can be as active as you want wearing them and then keep them in to sleep all night in complete comfort. 


If you like these designs, but nothing quite hits the mark, be in touch to design a bespoke piece on commission. Some of these other blogs might also help you decide what size ring or bangle to order.

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Here are just a few things I've heard from my customers:

"My Olga necklace goes with everything." - Frances

"I love my new Odd Fellows chain, I haven't taken it off since I purchased it!" - Karen

"I bought this [Worry Stone Pendant] necklace in February. I haven't taken it off since! I get compliments on it all the time and find myself frequently using the "worry stone". - Dierdre

"I feel like my Henry Moore Bangle is part of me." - Emma

"I've never been much for jewellery, but honestly, I never take your ring off, I love it." - Imogen

"I bought these [hammered gold hoop earrings] over a year ago. They’ve only been out of my ears two or three times and usually only for a day at a time. Love them." - Claire


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