I am constantly in search of textures and shapes in the world around me. Whether it is rusting and twisted bits of metal in the road or pebbles along the seaside, these objects become my treasures and inspiration. Organic motifs become bold, graphic shapes in a collage of contrasting textures and forms. Silver wire is drawn into abstract silhouettes within chains, which develop into asymmetrical patterns repeated throughout my work. I translate the surfaces and shapes created by the ravages of time into bold and simple forms in precious metals and gemstones. 

My designs begin with abstract drawings, paper constructions, looking at found objects and manipulation of metal pieces. Hand-carved pieces of wax evolve into silver or gold rings that are miniature sculptures worn on the body, sensuous to the touch. I work in metal, reacting to the beauty of the materials, shapes and textures. By embracing this technique, I find little surprises that develop into more complex pieces. Other times, I abandon the piece on my bench, only to find it later and incorporate it into another metal collage. Some of these discoveries become part of my repertoire; occasionally they can’t be replicated. As I finish each piece, I want to ensure it maintain its handmade appearance.

I think about how my pieces can be worn in a number of different ways. Pendants double as rings, bangles become elements in necklaces and clasps are featured focal points. As I work, I ask myself, “How can this be worn a different way?” My clients respond to the sensuous nature of the organic shapes and textures, often choosing to wear them daily.

Silver formed brooch by Michele Wyckoff Smith (UK).


Advanced Jewellery Design, City Lit, London
Structured Jewellery 7922, Certificate in Design & Craft (Level 3 City & Guild) London
Structured Jewellery 7822, Certificate in Design & Craft (Level 2 City & Guild) London

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA - Painting Studio Degree 1993 - 1996 

  • Edward L Ryerson & William M R French Travel Fellowship, 1995
  • Merit Scholarship, 1994-95
  • Summer Fellowship, Oxbow Summer School for Painting, 1994

Newcomb College, Tulane University, New Orleans, BA Art History 1979-1983

Textured silver and gold chains, gold ring and aquamarine platform ring by Wyckoff Smith Jewellery.