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Silver Fidget Toys

Regular price £65.00

Are you someone who loves to fidget or know someone who can't stop playing with things while they work? Do they have ADHD and require something to play with to keep their focus, but don't want a child's plastic toy? Then this fiddle toy is perfect for you! Each toy was design for maximum tactile pleasure and multiple ways to play with them. Some of them can even be turned into pendants.

Fiddle Toy 1: Silver with black and white bead - SOLD

Fiddle Toy 2: Silver with double ovals - SOLD

Fiddle Toy 3: Silver with two loops and double ovals - £160

Fiddle Toy 4: Silver with swirl and calyx shapes, 18 ct nob - £175

Made in my London Studio and fully Hallmarked with silver, my maker's mark and the year they were made. The fiddle toys are fully kinetic and will bring great pleasure to all who play with it! You can see video clips of the pieces in action on my Intagram account: www.instagram.com/wyckoffsmith

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