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Open Calyx Pendant Necklace

Regular price £75.00

There is something universal about the shape of the Calyx of a poppy head. It has really grabbed my imagination and allowed me to build an entire collection around this shape. These single, triple or chain necklaces a celebration of this popular design. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes in the Calyx Collection, so do have a look.

Option 1: Single Calyx - 16" length

Option 2: Single Calyx - 18" length

Option 3: Triple Calyx - 16" length

Option 4: Triple Calyx - 18" length

Option 5: Solid shaped Calyx Pendant - 18"/20" adjustable chain

Option 6: Calyx open chain - 20" length

The Calyx shape is 15 mm across or 50 mm across the three shapes. You might also like my Calyx domed pendant, or earrings in either silver or gold.

All of these beautiful necklaces are made in my London Studio, and are ready to ship within a few days. 

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