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Dash Textured Silver Cuff Bracelet

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There is nothing as timeless as a beautifully made sterling silver cuff bracelet. It can be worn with any outfit and always has an up-to-date look. If you appreciate handcrafted work, you will enjoy wearing this wide silver cuff. The cuffs are .9 mm thick sterling silver and available with a variety of textures. This is a one of a kind cuff. Due to the making process, each texture comes out differently.

The cuff can be finished in either 6" or 6 1/2" length. There is a gap of 25 mm / 1" between the ends with some flexibility to shape it into a tighter fit. Smaller sizes can be available through special order.

How to determine your cuff size? If you don't have a tape measure to wrap around your wrist, try a piece of string or ribbon. You can then lay it against a ruler to determine the desired length. 

photo 1 - 5: Dash textured silver cuff bracelet (1"/25 mm wide)

photo 6: other textures available (crepe or rain)

photo 7: branded Wyckoff Smith Jewellery bag

You can also see my crepe texture on my Anticlastic cuffs in the "Bracelet" section of my shop. 

This bracelet is made in my London studio, and is fully Hallmarked with my makers mark, the mark for London and Sterling Silver. Many of these cuffs are in stock and ready to be shipped. If made to order, please allow 3 weeks for it to be made, hallmarked and shipped.

Please read my Store Policies before purchasing.


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