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Small Hammered Silver Hoop Earrings with 18 ct gold dangles

Regular price £130.00

Simple hand forged silver hoops are perfect to wear everyday. Put them in and leave them in. You'll always be stylish. Also great for someone who has recently had their ears pierced. This pair is especially good for someone with a smaller earlobe or additional piercings. This version is the small silver hoops with two 18 ct gold circles dangling freely at the bottom of the hoop. They are also available without the circles or in 14 and 18 ct gold.  

The earrings measure 11 x 11 mm and are held in place with tension against the small hook on the back side of the hoop.  The 18 ct gold sequins move freely on or off. As these are handmade, some variations may exist in the finished product, but every effort will be made to create a similar earring.

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