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Large Oval Tea Caddy Spoon

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Reminiscent of the shape of a mussel shell, this oval hand forged sterling silver spoon is lovely to hold and divine to use. It could rest in your loose tea as a caddy spoon or scoop the perfect amount of hot chocolate from a jar. It is a perfect gift for that person who has decided to use loose tea for a change. The spoon measures 6 cm long. 

The spoon holds about a nice big scoop's worth of tea. It could also be used for a salt cellar, or as a holder of a small portion of daily tablets or vitamins left out as a reminder to take each morning. Really, it could be used for anything you can think of! This piece is a one of a kind and absolutely lovely to hold in your hand.

Made in my London studio, and is fully Hallmarked with my makers mark, the mark for London, the year and sterling silver, the spoon is ready to ship.

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